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How & Where…?

Previously all of our watersports courses and development training were taught face to face in the classroom or on the beach, but on the 23rd of March 2020, lockdown stopped us from leaving the house! A week later, we successfully ran the first ever ISA surf award course online globally with the Danish Surf Federation (DSRF). 

Amid the potential for jokes about surfing the web, we realised the benefits of virtual learning, especially for those in developing and/or remote locations.

We offer both online and face-to-face courses to suit all organisations, ages and abilities.  Whether you are just starting out, turning your passion to pocket money, developing your water sports skills, working for the benefit of your community or even a National sports organisation looking to improve or start your sporting development pathways, we have consultancy, guidance and training courses for you.


Ever dreamt of  being part of or running water sports coaching sessions or development organisation?  Would you like to do more in  your community, but you are not sure how to help?  From part-time passionates to career hungry crusaders, we offer training and advice to suit everyone.  With a solid qualification packed in your board bag the world could be your new workplace.  Check out some of our stories to inspire your journey…

What & Who…?

Sometimes vocational courses can make you feel you are just going through the motions or ticking the boxes to get a qualification? We can offer you so much more! We have info and advice on everything you need to become a surf or SUP coaching and admin staff and the opportunities to develop those skills both personally and professionally.

From grass roots development to elite training (even world champion level!),  we can guide you through your journey with the experience, expertise and most importantly enthusiasm you deserve.