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Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) transfer to ISA awards.

The International Surfing Association (ISA) have a process to recognize your prior coaching experience efficiently and transfer this to an award.

A summary of the overall protocol is below:

  1. Read the RPL policy
  2. Fill in the application form, sign code of ethics and collate evidence of RPL. I will need signed copies of the originals (scanned and posted or e-mailed is fine), as the ISA needs to see them.
  3. I will reply and let you know the cost of the transfer fee, we can process card payments, contact me for further details.
  4. Send in the documents and evidence. I’ll review documents for transferability, let you know if they are acceptable and if more evidence is required.
  5. Once you RPL is accepted and suitable I’ll notify you and the ISA, passing on your application for ISA review.
  6. The ISA will send the Certificate to you and update the online Coaching & Instructing Register.

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What is RPL?

RPL is a process that acknowledges skills acquired through formal and informal learning and work experience. It assesses evidence of your competency, using a comparison with previous learning, to determine if you meet the required standards.


Your feedback on this transfer process is really important to us. As you complete your part of the transfer, please make notes and/or ask as many questions about the process as you feel you need (phone or e-mail). It would be great to see if the process could be improved.

Spread the word

Tell your friends – if you know of anyone else who wants to transfer or gain an ISA coaching qualification, please feel free to pass on this info to them.


Price is usually £220 per transfer, although can be more if the process is long and time-consuming.

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Andy Joyce

Turning his love for the water into a career, he started up Surf Steps, his own Surf and SUP training centre in 2005. He now directs the business, and a very happily married Father of 2.

“My dream of a more water filled life was realised through passion, hard work and vision. I see my role is to help people achieve theirs too!”

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