About Our Courses

Surf Steps offer both Online and Face to Face courses to suit all ages and abilities.  Whether you are just starting out, turning your passion to pocket money or developing your skills for the benefit of your community, we have a course for you.

Working with the ISA to develop the sport of surfing is through its Coaching and Instructing Program (CIP) and the certification of surf coaches around the world.

Established over 15 years ago, Surf Steps has been teaching surfing and surf instructors across the globe.

Recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the world governing authority for the sport of surfing, ISA Coaching and Instructing Program creates the proper development pathway for surf / SUP coaches and instructors and the international industry standard.

The ISA Coaching & Instructing Program is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of those individuals who wish to obtain a scientific approach to the Coaching and Instructing of Surfing.

The objectives of the ISA Coaching & Instructing Program:

  • To establish an international system of Coaching and Instructing Courses, improving the safety and efficacy of surf instruction around the world.
  • To further develop, through educational programs, a body of knowledge on which Coaches and Instructors may draw.
  • To provide Coaches and Instructors with employment opportunities, encouragement and support.
  • To advance surf Coaching and Instructing as a globally standardized and highly professional activity with stringent requirements.
  • Over time this program has expanded to other areas of professional development education for our great sport of surfing.

What You Get


New Skills

Relevant and in-demand skills in the field of expertise that you choose, with the practical training on real projects



The ISA has certified over 10,500 coaches and instructors in 75 countries and the program is offered as a development and economic opportunity to the 109 ISA Member Federations and network of over 85 course presenters around the world.


Job Opportunities

Most of our students work with partner companies during education and get job offers from them


New Courses

All ISA Coaches and Instructors must abide by the local laws and regulations of the area in which they work. All ISA Instructors must be a minimum of 16 years of age to become a certified ISA Instructor, but must work under supervision of an ISA Instructor over 18 years of age. An ISA Instructor must be a minimum of 18 years of age to instruct without supervision.

Our Instructors

Andy Joyce

Turning his love for the water into a career, he started up Surf Steps, his own Surf and SUP training centre in 2005. He now directs the business, and a very happily married Father of 2.

“My dream of a more water filled life was realised through passion, hard work and vision. I see my role is to help people achieve theirs too!”

Emma Joyce

After running Surf Steps Surf School along side husband Andy, Emma has built booking sytems, websites and accounting solutions and is looking forward to assisting others with their journey.

“I love the flexibility and control of understanding the sytems implemented within our business, so when things go wrong, as they inevitably do, we can identify and hopefully fix the issue quickly. ”