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The ISA Surf SUP Course is geared for instructors and coaches that will be teaching SUP in the surf environment. The course focuses on riding waves on an SUP level 1 course along with a broad range of technique applications and safety procedures. The ISA Flat Water SUP or Surf Level 1 Certification is a prerequisite for this course.

  • Students must have completed SE/ISA Flatwater SUP award first.
  • If not, RPL options available 
  • On completion, it allows the coach to teach in surf conditions up to 3ft.
  • A half-day coaching course, including a practical skills assessment
  • To accredit, the student needs to complete a minimum of 10 hours of work experience, acceptably recorded in their workbook with a suitable SUP school.

You’ll Learn


Analysis of Solutions

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Productivity Management

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Sketching & Design

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UX Solutions

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Teamwork & Cooperation

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Programming Solutions

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Andy Joyce

Turning his love for the water into a career, he started up Surf Steps, his own Surf and SUP training centre in 2005. He now directs the business, and a very happily married Father of 2.

“My dream of a more water filled life was realised through passion, hard work and vision. I see my role is to help people achieve theirs too!”

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