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With over 15 years experience in running a successful surf school we would love to be able to pass on all we have learnt.  If you are just starting out or feel it is time for your business to step up to the next level we are here to help.

We understand every surf school is different, so we take the time to listen to you and find out how best we can assist.  Our experience and specialism mean that we know what it takes to make running your business as smooth and successful as possible.

We do not offer a set formula here; you may just want a quick chat with someone who really understands your particular sector to make sure your ideas are sound but you are confident to implement any changes, or you may require longer term background assistance and implementation.

Give us a call for further information and prices.

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You’ll Learn

Booking System

One of the quickest roots to an easy life is an online booking system – take bookings while you sleep (literally).

Reducing the amount of time your administrative team have to spend on phone calls and emails can free them up to be able to offer excellent customer service that can really set you apart form the competition.

Although they can seem daunting at first, with our help we will have you up and running in no time.


Working in harmony with your booking system or simply stream-lining your accounts system can save you and your business time and money.

Making sure that you have a simple yet effective accounting system in place means you know exactly where you stand financially and it keeps your accountant happy too!


We all understand how important marketing is when running any business, but it can be extremely time-consuming and sometimes un-productive.

A solid social and direct media strategy can structure and simplify your efforts to make sure spend the appropriate amount of time and money advertising your services.

If marketing really isn’t your forte, we can also offer you a remote solution requiring only the smallest input from yourselves.

General Business Advice

Are you spending too much money on equipment?

Are you looking for ways to increase turnover?

Are you having employment issues?

We totally understand – we have been there, and often we only learnt from our mistakes!!  Contact us for any general advice and guidance, don’t let all that knowledge go to waste!

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Emma Joyce

After running Surf Steps Surf School along side husband Andy, Emma has built booking sytems, websites and accounting solutions and is looking forward to assisting others with their journey.

“I love the flexibility and control of understanding the sytems implemented within our business, so when things go wrong, as they inevitably do, we can identify and hopefully fix the issue quickly. ”

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