Online-courses reach across the globe!

Last week’s ISA Surf Coach course has highlighted other positive aspects of our online courses. We reached out across the globe this time, having students from as far apart as Senegal and Ecuador taking part!

Surf Steps Water Training Academy hosted the course, in conjunction with Ben Kewell from Glide Surf School

Academy director Andy Joyce said “It’s amazing the global reach our online courses are having. When you can have people from different continents meeting each other from their homes, the opportunities for networking are immense! In addition, the courses allow people in lockdown to socialise and do something constructive. It feels great to be making a small, but positive difference in these times!”

One course student wrote:

“The two sessions were very interesting, and we enjoyed them a lot. It was cool having people from everywhere around the world. It was very well organized and I loved the break out groups! It was really fun to hear and share experiences with the others in smaller groups:-)”

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Special thanks to all involved in the course for making it happen: Glide Surf School, the ISA and Surfing England for their support!